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The designers of YOLO believe that all teenagers (worldwide) have the right to hear concrete, correct information regarding sex education. Information on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) prevents young people from getting hurt at their soul level.


Parents, teachers, educators, group leaders, peers should and could help youngsters by stimulating a dialogue or talk about the important life issues in the field of SRHR. This can start in a simple way and with an open mind level.
1.What do you see on the pictures?

Do you get the illustrated information.

2.Do you recognize the given joyful, risky or hazardous situation?
Next step could be to help the youngsters

3.To explore your own thoughts & feelings.

Do you recognize the confusing good or bad feelings?


Ideally the discussion will lead to a more personal awareness or conclusion:


  • Why & how should you protect yourself and the other?
  • Why & how should you create a positive and healthy experience?
  • Would you act like the people in the picture or would you do things differently?


YOLO is easy to use, because you talk to each other about the situations you see in the drawings. Pictures about the change of hormones during puberty, about boys and girls falling in love and about joy and fun of intimacy and sex but also about the risks: unsafe sex or sex with the wrong person or rape and unintended or too early pregnancy. There are pictures about lifestyle, drugs, relations, feelings, communication, sexual rights, dreams and future expectations, gender items, defining boundaries, sexually transmitted diseases.


Teenagers have the opportunity to bring up their own thoughts & feelings to exchange their experiences, fears, hopes and expectations in a safe environment (school, at home, support groups).
Talking with and listening to each other (communication and mutual understanding) are the first steps in receiving the correct information. By creating awareness and by teaching young people to formulate their own conclusion with regard to SRHR-issues their own responsibility will be internalized. This has proven to have a greater impact on peoples sexual life and thus their general wellbeing.


That is what we strive for together; Happy, independent, autonomous and responsible adults.


YOLO is playful, a bit naughty, contemporary and universal.


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