Everyone knows that issues about love, relationships and sexuality as a subject, is difficult.
Everyone has certain beliefs and habits from their own families or cultural background.

Everyone will be confronted with questions about sexuality at some point in their life.

At least some of the following questions will pop up once:


– How can I show that I like the girl without being too cheeky or brutal?

– How could I start to ask if she uses the pill?

– Should I bring a condom with me? When should I start asking and mention the word condom?

– I think I had sex without protection, will I be pregnant or have a sexually transmitted disease now?

– Where can I go with my doubts, my fear and my questions? Will they believe me?

– Are you mentally and socially prepared and fit to become ‘father & mother’?

– Should I accept this drink or present from him?


Be aware as a parent / teacher or educator that your help, information and support is of great importance to the teenagers. There is a bottom-line in sexual behavior:


– Both (boys & girls) should avoid unsafe sex to protect themselves and their partner

– Both (boys & girls) must learn to say NO when they don’t want to have sex

– Both (boys & girls) should avoid risky situations


Live your life carefully, with attention and respect for yourself – be careful with yourself –
YOLO – You Only Live Once !


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