1. Can we play YOLO with children of all ages?
Yes, You can play YOLO with children of all ages. The game is nice to play as it is memory card game. And to have an easy low threshold tool to empower the teenagers to learn to talk about SRHR topics is just cool.
2. What to do when one notices all the differences between the social and cultural backgrounds in a group of teenagers?
To have a dialogue about SRHR is the most important thing; to listen and also try to talk with respect to all kinds of people, their habits, their differences, their beliefs, their backgrounds.
Just listen en speak for yourself and also try to enjoy the differences & similarities in our Family of Mankind
3. Could I order a few games to use this edutainment tool for the boys in our football club? We sometimes inform the boys and help them with life skills in general.
Of course you can order a few games. YOLO can be used everywhere where young people come together. The topic is never boring ☺
4. Do I play the YOLO game with only boys or only girls?
We recommend to play the YOLO.game a few times, every time the discussion about SRHR will be different as there is so much to tell about feelings, thoughts and behavior. The discussion will never be the same. You can try to play YOLO with boys or girls or in a mixed group.
5. Could I order this game just to use it as a parent for my own family?
Of course you are very welcome to play the game and start a dialogue with your own children. Research has proven that children will take their parents seriously when they also talk about their own issues and feelings. And the more people feel comfortable to have a conversation about SRHR the more and more youngsters will be empowered to  stick to what feels right ! And to be able to say Yes, this is nice and & No this isn’t nice.
6. Could I receive a game to try it out ?
Unfortunately no, this is not possible.
With the images on the website, facebook and Instagram you can see enough to have a good impression of the game. We can send 1 game, it is not so expensive and you can order more when you are familiar with all the cards.
7. I have doubts about some topics and images in the YOLO.game?
Well, of course every teacher, parent or peer educator, trainer has its own issues with topics in the field of SRHR. But as this game is made of 30 memory pairs you could always decide to work with less cards or to keep them apart until you think all the cards are worthwhile talking about.

FAQ’s about the order & delivery

8. I ordered the game but I didn’t receive it until now?
Sometimes the handling or shipment takes a while. When we receive the payment we will handle your order and carry out the customer service to ship the games within a period of 5 working days. With the track & trace your order can be followed. Sometimes educational materials stay in the office of the customer service somewhat longer as they want to check the materials. We have only 1 goal and that is to provide the correct information (in the field of SRHR) to all the children in the world. So believe us, we do care about the shipment and the transaction.
9. How long does it take to have the games in my school, office or house?
This is difficult to answer as the world is big and the shipment to rural areas can be  a long way. With track & trace we will do our best to keep you informed.