Colophon could be created with the financial support of Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds (Banning de Jong Fonds), Rotarian Action Group Healthy Pregnancies/Healthy Children (RAG HP/HC), private gifts and


The former RAG HP/HC was focused on prevention during the period before pregnancy and provides information, expertise and encouragement to stimulate good conditions for mother and child. Focus areas of the Rotary Foundation coincide with important factors in preconception care: peace, healthcare for mother and child, disease prevention, water and sanitation, education and economic development.


The was founded by Marleen Engbersen and Karin van Paassen in 2001 to encourage young people to talk about difficult subjects; f.e. HIV and Aids. They created and developed communication tools for different countries: LOVE.check, FAMILY.matter, STOP.ebola and the animated films of Bobo. The ended its activities in 2018. As social entrepreneur, Marleen Engbersen continued to develop the game YOLO based on the same principles. (for more information see company information)


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Special thanks to advisory team:

Maaike Batist, Martin van Beest, Christien Broecheler, Bas Haanraadts, Krista-Lize Janse, Jan Lucas Ket, Gemma Pagano, Wanda de Wit

Concept & Art Direction: Marleen Engbersen

Printing: Koopmans Drukkerij, Hoorn (NL)

Graphic design: Danielle Mercx Schaffelaars (

And very special:

The illustrations are created by Martina Vanda. She lives and works in Roma (Italy) as you will recognize in the Italian touch in some of the drawings is a game created for all youngsters worldwide and has its background in Europe.


© Marleen Engbersen Project Management



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