How to stimulate a dialogue about sex with teenagers? Watch our Training films, created by a professional film crew and with the performance of 15 adolescents and a peer educator.
The films show realistic situations (good & bad) and provide teachers skills to lead a respectful- and meaningful conversation on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).
Each film takes only a few minutes and is based on the game LOVE.check, which was created for the same principle of YOLO;
to stimulate a dialogue between teenagers about important life issues such as sexual health, rights, wishes & boundaries.

Film 1 – Basic Rules

Film 2 – Preparations

Film 3 – Start, 8 – 12 years

Film 4 – Start 12 – 18 years

Film 5 – Large Group

Film 6 – Assertive Group

Film 7 – Embarrased Group

Film 8 – Possible Pitfalls

Film 9 – Cultural Background

Film 10 – Ongoing Discussion

Film 11 – Wind up the Discussion

Film 12 – Extra activity

Film 13 – Interviews: Adults

Film 14 – Interviews Adolescents

Film 15 – Interviews Children

Idea script & organisation trainingfilms:  Marleen Engbersen, Karin van Paassen-2012
Realisation script & teacher in the film : Gemma Pagano
Production & editing : Afra Jonker, Boa Producties,Amsterdam
Camera: Nicole Bataké
Sound: Carlos Crahay Bloklander
Music: Bastiaan Swager
Subtitles: Sjaan de Bruijn, van Garmen, Amsterdam
Actors Musicalschool, Amsterdam
Financed by: Impulsis, and donations.
Created in 2012 by commissioned the English translation of the subtitles and is responsible for subtitles in this language only. As placed the films on the website, translations in other languages may be around. This website unites an international network of volunteers devoted to translating educational films in many different languages and then to distribute the films. By doing so, hopes that the films will reach audiences from a wide variety of language communities.