How to stimulate a dialogue about sex with teenagers? Watch our Training films, created by a professional film crew and with the performance of 15 adolescents and a peer educator.
The films show realistic situations (good & bad) and provide teachers skills to lead a respectful- and meaningful conversation on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).
Each film takes only a few minutes and is based on the game LOVE.check, which was created for the same principle of YOLO;
to stimulate a dialogue between teenagers about important life issues such as sexual health, rights, wishes & boundaries.

Film 1 – Basic Rules

Film 2 – Preparations

Film 3 – Start, 8 – 12 years

Film 4 – Start 12 – 18 years

Film 5 – Large Group

Film 6 – Assertive Group

Film 7 – Embarrased Group

Film 8 – Possible Pitfalls

Film 9 – Cultural Background

Film 10 – Ongoing Discussion

Film 11 – Wind up the Discussion

Film 12 – Extra activity

Film 13 – Interviews: Adults

Film 14 – Interviews Adolescents

Film 15 – Interviews Children

Idea script & organisation trainingfilms:  Marleen Engbersen, Karin van Paassen
Realisation script & teacher in the film : Gemma Pagano
Production & editing : Afra Jonker, Boa Producties,Amsterdam
Camera: Nicole Bataké
Sound: Carlos Crahay Bloklander
Music: Bastiaan Swager
Actors Musicalschool, Amsterdam
Financed by: Impulsis, and donations.
Created by